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LOCK-IT-100 study

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CARIMER launches phase III study for patients with renal disease

After months of preparation, CARIMER is pleased to announce the launch of the LOCK-IT-100 Study. We are collaborating with CORMEDIX, INC., a pharmaceutical company based in New Jersey, to conduct this study entitled ‘A Phase 3, prospective, multicenter, double-blind, randomized, active control study to demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of Neutrolin® in preventing catheter-related bloodstream infections in subjects receiving hemodialysis therapy as treatment for end stage renal disease’.

As our goal is to help provide persons in the Caribbean with access to better treatments, we are very excited to begin this study. Dialysis patients who use catheters for treatment of End Stage Renal Disease will benefit greatly from the use of this drug. It will reduce incidents of catheter related bloodstream infection and as a result improve quality of life.

We will be conducting this study across six (6) sites in Jamaica, with some of the island’s top Nephrologists and Nurses in both public and private institutions. We anticipate that this will be a very successful study, taking the drug one step closer to approval by the FDA and ultimately, readily accessible to patients at all institutions worldwide that offer dialysis.

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