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The Caribbean Institute of Medical Research is here to serve you.  Our team adheres to the highest standards of care and ethical conduct with the safety of patients and volunteers as a top priority. We follow a centralized and streamlined process to conduct studies in efficient ways that reduce costs and save time and resources.  Your trial is our top priority.



Management Services Include

        • Determining site feasibility and qualification according to protocol      

          requirements and finding the ideal site(s) for your study.

        • Submission to an ethical review board (ERB)—our staff’s intimate 

           knowledge of our local ERBs combined with our speedy personnel          

          makes our turnaround time unbeatably quick. 

        • On-site training of protocol procedures for our investigational team and  

           the study staff

        • Archiving trial documentation and quality control


Clinical Monitoring Services Include

        • Investigator enrollment

        • Pre-study site evaluation and investigator assessments

        • Regulatory document preparation and collection

        • Budget and contract negotiation

        • Staff training

        • Documentation maintenance and updates

        • Site initiation, interim and close-out site visits

        • Clinical study material accountability

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