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Sickle-Cell Study
CARIMER launches phase II sickle cell study

It is with great pleasure that we announce the launch of Jamaica’s largest nationwide clinical trial! This will be a Sickle Cell Disease study which is being conducted by CARIMER on behalf of sponsor MODUS Therapeutics, Sweden (formerly Dilaforette AB).


This Ministry of Health approved phase II study is being conducted at seven hospitals across the island and will be providing treatment for Sickle Cell patients experiencing prolonged painful crisis using a heparin analogue drug called Sevuparin. 


We anticipate that this will be a very successful study, which will make Sevuparin the first treatment of its kind available to Sickle Cell patients suffering from painful crisis.

For more information regarding this and other sickle cell studies, please reach out to Dr. Lorenzo Gordon at

Interview with Dr Jens Kristensen

Interview with Dr Jens Kristensen

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